The Fan Club Souvenir Shop

These items were produced as souvenirs for those visiting the ABBA Day. Any profit made from the sale of left-over stock is used to cover part of the cost of future ABBA Days.
Shipping is not included in the prices below.

To place an order, send an email to . Please include your name and full address, and state how many copies you want of the item(s).

Description Photo
S2013 Bracelet (Souvenir ABBA Day 2013)

Each bracelet costs € 1.--

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S2012 Button (Souvenir ABBA Day 2012)

Each bracelet costs € 1.--

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A1 Poster (Souvenir ABBA Day 2011)

Each poster costs € 5.--
Total costs incl. shipment (one poster):
- the Netherlands € 12.--
- Europe € 16.--
- Outside Europe € 22.50
(Registered add € 2.-- for the Netherlands or € 10.-- for the rest of the world)

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A2 T-shirt
Size: L.

Each t-shirt costs € 10.--

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A3 Lanyard (choose purple or blue)

Each lanyard costs € 2.50

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C Mousepad. Souvenir gift to our members on behalf of our 10th anniversary.

Each mousepad costs € 2.--

G CD Wallet, a souvenir from the 20th anniversary.
Black, in sturdy gore-tex with the new logo printed in white, holds 12 CD's.

Each wallet cost € 5.--

CD wallet, front
CD wallet, opened
I ABBA Day souvenir 2009 - bag.

Each bag costs € 4.--

J ABBA Day souvenir 2010 - lanyard with pen.

Each pen costs € 2.--